News: submissions open for the next zine fair, a Ross Palmer single plus a new album from Yo Zushi

Zines from Board of Fun, Zoe Taylor and Sean King!

Zines from Board of Fun, Zoe Taylor and Sean King!

Hello there. So… zine fair number 2! Early April! TBC!

If you came to the last zine fair and music night at the Dentist in Hackney, you’ll know what to expect – we’re going to have stalls selling the best zines we’ve come across (or have stapled together ourselves), capping it off with live music from members of our loose collective. Only this time, we’ll (try to) make it even better.

If you’d like to get involved (send us your zines, offer to play on the night, etc), please get in touch: or
See entries below for pics of zine launch 1.

Meanwhile, we’re putting the final touches to Ross Palmer’s instalment of the Board of Fun singles club, “Little Differences” – it’s a sparkly slice (if that’s edible?) of 1970s West Coast pop that will be available for free download in the next couple of weeks. Check back here soon.

Finally, I (as in, Yo Zushi) will be releasing a minimum of three albums this year; the first of which, Smalltime, is almost done and will be let loose at the zine fair. Zoe Taylor and I did a quick video for one of the songs from it yesterday (“Something New”); a link will make its way here in a day or two.

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