Ross Palmer’s Board of Fun Download Single “Little Differences” available now

Ross Palmer’s new single “Little Differences” b/w “Can You Explain” is available now from here as part of the Board of Fun Download Singles Club. It’s a breezy West Coast pop song recorded entirely by the multi-instrumentalist Ross. We launched it on Saturday 4 May, as part of Board of Fun’s Clapton Zine and Print Fair. The video was directed by me, Yo Zushi.

Board of Fun Download Singles Club #003: “One Last Dance” by Sean King (download here)

Sean King's artwork for "One Last Dance": P-p-p-pick it up.

“One Last Dance”: P-p-p-pick it up.

Here, belatedly, is the third instalment of the Board of Fun download club: a great two-song set from Sean King, co-founder of the soon to be resurrected 1990s/2000s noise label Eidola Records and lo-fi songsmith in his own right. Recorded one summer’s day using a single microphone, these songs come unadorned and bullshit-free – they’re what they are, and what they are are small gems.
Listen/download the A-side, “One Last Dance”, here.
The B-side, “A Bottle of Whiskey at the End of the World”, can be found here.
Artwork by Sean King. Recorded by Yo Zushi.

Board of Fun Download Singles Club #002: “December”, “Merry Christmas” and “Silent Night” triple-A

Image by Zoë Taylor

Image by Zoë Taylor

Merry Christmas from Board of Fun! For our second instalment of the free Download Singles Club, we’ve gone for a Christmas set with new recordings by Hana Zushi, me (Yo Zushi), Dan McKean, Oliver Talkes and others. The cover art is by Zoe Taylor (

A-side: “December” – Hana and Yo Zushi
Written by Yo Zushi
Debut song from Hana Zushi, here backed by her brother Yo Zushi. More info about Yo at

AA-side: “Merry Christmas” – Yo Zushi and Dan McKean
Written by Yo Zushi and Dan McKean
Yo sings; Dan plays all the rest. More info about Dan at

AAA-side: “Silent Night” by Oliver Talkes, Adam Beattie, Sean King and Yo Zushi
The brilliant Oliver Talkes, former singer of the Southern Tenant Folk Union, performs the traditional standard “Silent Night” with Adam Beattie on piano and bass vocal, Yo Zushi on guitar and mid-harmony and Sean King on Richard-Manuel-channeling falsetto. More info about Oli at