The new zine Viva Quinto!

The new zine Viva Quinto!

Viva Quinto! – a zine about Quinto Bookshop on Charing Cross Road and London’s second-hand bookshops in general – launched on Saturday 22 June at… Quinto, as part of the second annual Charing Cross Road Festival, organised by Foyles. Alongside weird and wonderful book covers chosen by Zoe Taylor, the zine features “Small Plays” by Emily Cleaver, photographs by Sasha Ilyukevich, writing from me (Yo Zushi) and an obituary for the book collector Jimmy Kanga, who died in autumn last year. The first batch sold out! But we’ll make up some more this weekend (29/30 June), after which it can be bought at Quinto Bookshop, 72 Charing Cross Road, London. (Ask at the counter).

Alumni in action

It’s been a good (if Arctic) year for Board of Fun collaborators so far. Come and say hello when we next convene at the BoF zine fair and music night, now confirmed for 4 May 2013 at the Dentist, 33 Chatsworth Road, Hackney, London. More news of that to follow. Meanwhile, I thought I’d point you in the direction of some of the extra-curricular work we’ve been up to.

This image was Zoë Taylor‘s first commission for the New York Times Book Review:

Image: copyright Zoë Taylor, 2013

Image: copyright Zoë Taylor, 2013

It’s a mysterious and subtly odd drawing that does a lot without giving too much away. See more of Zoë’s work at her website.

Meanwhile, Ross Palmer (who produced my next album, Smalltime, and has long been a writer for this blog) has started his own music site called SongsFromSoDeep. Lots of great writing from a practitioner’s perspective, as well as wider socio-political ruminations…

And here’s an article from the beginning of the month that I wrote for the New Statesman magazine about the demise of the Lorelei in Soho. It was a small, independent restaurant that had fed Londoners since the late-1960s and somehow managed to maintain an unfussy, family atmosphere till its closing night. Mr Bravin and Faye, you (and your Diavola pizzas) are missed.

Oh, and this is a picture of our friend and BoF veteran Tim Street, taken that evening:

Yes, that's Tim.

Pizza dude’s got 30 seconds.

That’s all for now (as it’s dinner).

– Yo Zushi